Small Boat Operator (2 days) – $399.00     HANDS-ON BOATING INSTRUCTION

This course is taught on board. Students will have an opportunity to take control of a 24’ center-console outboard rigid inflatable boat (RIB) to learn proper maneuvering and handling in a variety of situations. The Course is limited to 5 students. Instruction includes pre-departure checks, passenger briefings, slow and high-speed maneuvering, close quarter maneuvering, docking, mooring, anchoring, inlet and ocean operation, and emergency procedures including running aground and man overboard.

Recreational Boating Safety and Survival (1 day) – $165 – Book Now!

This class will train the boater in basic lifesaving and survival techniques. It will include proper use of lifesaving appliances and proper use of VHF radios. The course will include nautical terminology; legal operating requirements; boat preparation and float plans; use of personal flotation devices including life rafts, in-water survival techniques, use of EPIRB’s, visual and sound signaling devices; use of fire safety equipment; VHF radio use; and actions to take in emergencies. Students will train in an indoor training pool to gain practical experience and understanding. A very important course for teens and those new to boating.

Seamanship (1 day) – $165 – Book now!

This class will help the boater gain a broader understanding of the marine environment and will help in developing basic skills needed for the safe operation of their boat. This course will include how to read local weather patterns, obtain and interpret current weather information, gain an understanding of waves and tides and their effects on boating, applying the international and inland Rules of the Road, recognize and understand the Aids to Navigation, practice tying common knots, and proper line handling.

Navigation (1 day) – $165 – Book Now!

This class will teach the recreational boater basic navigational skills including the types of nautical charts, use of a compass, finding your position on a chart, speed-time-distance calculations, dead reckoning, impacts of tides, electronic navigation and use of GPS.

Boat Maintenance (4 hours) – $ 90 – Book Now!

This class will teach the boat owner how to properly maintain their boat. Specific topics include washdowns and general upkeep, basic engine maintenance, fueling and fuel systems, battery systems, pumps, electrical and hydraulic systems and trailering and trailer maintenance.

Teen Boating Camp (5 days)  – $690 – Book Now!

Offered in the summer and during school breaks for teens 13 – 18, this program includes all of the topics found in the Safety and Survival, Seamanship, Navigation and maintenance courses, along with 2 days on the water in the 24-foot training boat. Students successfully completing the camp will be able to sit for the State of Florida Safe Boater Card examination.

Individual Instruction – $80.00/hour (4-hour minimum) Our licensed captains will come onboard your boat to help you gain the confidence and skill you want to safely operate your boat for personal use with your family and friends. Instruction can also include familiarization with the use and application of your onboard electronic and navigation equipment.

Instruction is tailored to your specific needs.

All courses include course materials that will serve as a life-long reference, all equipment and a Bluewater Crew Training course completion certificate. Your insurance company may recognize your training and provide discounts on your boater’s insurance.

To enroll in any of these courses, email us at [email protected] or call us at 954-779-7764