Since 1993

Our HANDS-ON RECREATIONAL SAFE BOATING COURSES are designed for everyone ages 13 and up. We offer a series of exciting courses to expand your skill set, build confidence and allow you to gain actual, practical experience in all aspects of recreational boating.  Our primary goals are to promote the safe operation of boats and to protect you and all those who use our waterways; but we also want boaters to have fun and fully enjoy the experiences of recreational boating.

Whether you're new to boating, want to enhance your skills, or have other family members develop their skills to safely operate a boat, our courses help you gain the confidence and skill you need out on the water.  Unlike other safe boating courses, this course will allow you to spend most of your time onboard, actually operating a boat.

Group courses are offered on weekends.  Individual and private instruction can also be arranged.

These courses will prepare you to:

  • Plan for a safe boat outing
  • Prepare and properly maintain your boat
  • Use lifesaving equipment
  • Demonstrate survival techniques & emergency procedures
  • Trailer, launch and recover a vessel
  • Tie basic knots and handle lines
  • Follow the Rules of the Road; Interpret navigational markers
  • Handle a boat through slow speed and high speed maneuvers
  • Dock, anchor and fuel
  • Use a VHF radio

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Safe Boating Course